Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seed Beret and More Hats!

I'm officially obsessed with knitting hats. Since buying my Boye Interchangeable Needle set, I've made 5 hats and I don't intend on stopping. My first men's hat (the Regular Man's Beanie found on has even been sold to a friend. My first sale! Needless to say I'm excited about that. I love to knit these hats, but getting paid for them is an amazing feeling.

I know I should post these pictures chronologically, I really want to showcase my latest knit first. I followed the Seed Beret pattern by Diane Serviss and I'm totally in love. I used the US size 11 and 15 needles as indicated in the pattern and Wool-Ease Thick and Quick (Super Bulky) in Fisherman. Mind you, it didn't come out as slouchy as the pictures indicate, I think I prefer this beanie style. Have a look see.

It's strange that my porch is the only part of my house with good lighting. 

I made the regular ribbed brim and star-crossed cap version of this hat  (it's the prettiest way to finish the cap of a hat, isn't it?!) but added brass buttons to the ribbing because I thought it added a lot to the look of the final product. Steps up the classiness really. And you can't have too much class. Ok, here's another picture of the ribbing detail and the buttons for good measure.

I really couldn't be happier with the result. Now I have a lovely hat to wear with my brand new Spring coat that I probably won't get to wear until June (did I mention that I hate winter in Newfoundland?).

But I digress. I have made other hats before this seed stitch beauty. I'll spare you pictures and a huge diatribe as they are just colour variations on the Slouchy Beret that I wrote about earlier this week. However, while I was bored this weekend, I knitted up my first men's hat from the Regular Guy's Beanie pattern

I used Red Heart's Super Saver worsted weight yarn in Aran Fleck and US 8 needles for this particular hat. While I love the colour of the yarn, a different yarn might have been more stretchy. When I make this hat again, I think I will add a few more rows of the knit repeat to make it a bit longer, but otherwise I'm pleased with the results. This is also my first sale as a knitter! A friend of mine tried it on at my Super Bowl Party and fell in love with it, so I was very pleased when he said he wanted to buy it. 

This knitting business is exciting. Can you believe I've only been knitting for a little over 1 month? I certainly can't. 


  1. I have to words about knitting hats: "instant gratification!" Nothing beats the satisfaction of making stuff with your own hands :)

  2. That's a perfect phrase for it! I tried knitting a pair of mittens and when I finished the first one, I couldn't believe that I had to start a whole new mitten in order to have a pair. Lazy, I know, but starting a hat and then having something to wear after binding off is wonderfully gratifying.

  3. I can't believe you've only been knitting for a month; you're a master!! And so fast!! I'm so excited to get my hat!!! :)