Monday, January 16, 2012

Cable Knit Cowl

My very first project!

I completed this project a couple of weeks ago. I received my first cowl as a Christmas gift from my sister and wanted to try to make one myself. So I did! I scoured for a pattern that used large needles (US 17 in this case) and the appropriate size wool I had found at Walmart (Bernat Roving - Bulky) and came across this pattern by Maria Olson. I absolutely love the result. It's just long enough to cover my entire neck and the roving wool is light, but warm. It's also short enough that you have your neck covered but you don't have to worry about a bulky scarf making it difficult to zip/button up your already bulky winter jacket. Being from Newfoundland, where it's currently -12 below, this was a wonderful addition to my winter wardrobe!

If you are trying to complete this project yourself and you are a new knitter, familiarize yourself with the cable stitch through this Youtube video. You will also need a cable stitch holder ($2-3) or just an extra knitting needle to hold the three stitches needed to make the cross-over pattern that forms the cable stitch. Other than that, the pattern only calls for the knit and pearl stitch, which are your basic two knitting stitches. 

I also suggest casting on using both needles put together if you are a tight knitter like me. If you plan to add buttons to the end of this scarf, your stitches need to be slightly loose in order to allow the buttons to pass through without button holes. 

NOTE: The last three rows of stitches in this pattern show you how to knit button holes into your scarf. If you are using a bulkier wool and larger needles US 17 or US 19, you don't need button holes as the buttons should be able to hook through the spaces in the stitches fairly easily. If you do not want button holes, follow the pattern for Rows 1, 2 and 3 at the beginning of the pattern and then cast off.

I hope you have fun with this pattern if you decide to try your hand at it. While it isn't my pattern, if you have any questions, I can try to help as much as I can.

Happy knitting!

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