Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outport photo shoot

A few days ago I mentioned that I modelled for my cousin in a photo shoot. I've seen a preview of a few of the pictures but last night I got to see the final shots. I have to tell you, I'm thrilled with the result. I really wanted the chance to get some professional photos of the hats I've knitted lately and these are above and beyond what I expected. The hat I'm wearing is the hat Gwen Stacy (aka Emma Stone) wore in The Amazing Spiderman. I finished it last week and my sister is wearing the slouchy version of the Seed Beret that I made for her for her birthday. 

My sis, cousin and I went out to my grandparent's old place in Webbers and took a few props with us and we had an amazing time. The scenery there is breathtaking and I'm so glad this could be the background for the shots. Isn't Newfoundland just gorgeous?!

A HUGE thank you to my cousin Stephanie J. for taking this beautiful shots!

While I don't get there often, this is one of my favourite places in Newfoundland. The cliffs remind me of Ireland and looking in at the harbour of Lawn is a spectacular view. Webbers also has a very rich history and is tied to a very memorable naval disaster that occurred in 1942 when the USS Truxton and USS Pollux ran aground here. It is also a site of Resettlement. My grandparents and all other families living here in the late 1950's were told to move their houses to a larger nearby town or they would not get access to the same amenities as these 'growth centres'. So with the money the government gave them, my grandparents put their small salt box house on a flat-bed truck and drove the house down the harbour to place her on a piece of land in Lawn, NL. In many other outport town in the province however, houses were floated across the water and into the harbour by boat. 

This is one of the most iconic pictures that captures 'resettlement' in Newfoundland. 

It is history and culture like this that makes me so happy that I moved to this wonderful province as a teenager. If I hadn't, I would have been missing out on so much of my family's heritage, I believe.

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  1. Cute hats. Great photos :)

    I like how you guys are in fields.


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