Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canuck Socks.

Friends, I'm back at it! The needles are working away at new projects. Don't you just love summer vacation?!

I've been busy since finishing school in June and returning from my Disney vacation with my sister. My first finished project since picking up my needles again has been a lovely pair of socks; my first pair actually! I've been quite pleased with the result. I was quite apprehensive when I started the first one. All the terminology and the anatomy of the sock was quite confusing to me, but once I decided to just go with it, the whole process was painless. It was also a great project to take with me on the road. I spent half a week with a bunch of great girls at Pathfinders camp in Tilting, Newfoundland and ended up taking some really nice shots of my new socks while I was there.

For now, I'm working on a few more projects. A pair of comfy slipper socks, actual slippers and the Petit Artichault bolero for my friend Tracey's first baby! I'm pouring in most of my time to the bolero at the moment, however, as I'd love to finish it before going up to Halifax next week. More on that next time!

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