Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Most Bespeckled Hat!

What a fun hat to knit! It was my first attempt at colour work (knitting with two colours) and it was relatively easy -- but a tad tedious. The whole project was tedious actually. The ribbing took almost two days to complete as it's meant to be doubled-up or folded over. Then I had to knit the actually hat part. Then make the pom-pom. Blah. The moral of the story is that it took a lot of work to finish but boy is it ever nice! Fits great and looks super cute. One of those hats you wear if you're going to play out in the snow... or in my case, shovel it. 

So that one is finished and I'm planning on starting a different hat today. The hat Hermione wore in The Deathly Hallows to be exact. Updates on that soon. 

And on a happy note, my friend Elizabeth over at The Elizabeth Files just received her hat in the mail today! She loves it and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad to see a hat find a head to call home :-)

That's all for me today. Until next time!


  1. Another super cute hat - keep them coming! But wait... what will you knit for spring?

  2. Spring? What is Spring? Newfoundland doesn't really get that season (winter lasts until late May sometimes). But I know what you mean. I need lighter projects when the weather warms up. I should start scrounging Ravelry to find a few things. Or maybe I'll keep making lots of hat to sell at the Craft Fair next November. Who knows!